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By working with US Credit Source, you will be offered the best programs that your business could qualify for. We have created a clean, simple, and effective application process that requires one application, with the ability to receive multiple offers based on your unique capital requirements.

Our mission is to help small business owners make the best decisions for their business. NO Hard Credit, Apply in minutes, receive multiple offers, and breathe knowing our dedicated team of Loan Specialists are working to provide you offers catered to your Business and Industry

Ensure You are Given What Your Business Deserves

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Free consultation ● No obligation ● No Credit Check ● No Application Fee
Multiple Approvals so You have Options

After you complete an application, we may send you multiple offers based off qualifications, to ensure the success of securing the best possible deal for your Small Business.

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Easy Application with Same Day Approvals

Our easy, online application is broken into a few short steps. Just answer some basic Business information, upload, & hit "Submit"

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We guide you through the Business Financing process from start to finish. Our team of specialists work together to help You receive the best term loans.

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February 12, 2024
They got me what I needed
They got me what I needed quicker than I thought! I was shocked. Thank you US Credit Source and thank you Matt for helping me get my business financing
Randall Chuckles
January 10, 2024
A friend of mine recommended...
A friend of mine recomennded using US Credit Source and I'm glad he did. Application was easy and I received financing in under two weeks!
Carl Smith

We ♥ Small Business

Trusted by Thousands

Business owners across the nation, just like you have chosen US Capital Source for their primary source of business financing. We are able to work with previous financing and provide funds faster than other lenders.

US Credit Source has helped thousands of business owners across American receive funding from $25k ranging to $5 million. Programs are offered by National Banks, Local Banks and Private Funds. With relationships with banks across the Nation, we guarantee the best, quickest, and most affordable access to Business Capital.

Financing from
$10K – $5M
Rates starting at
Approvals as quickly as
15 minutes
Rates starting at 0.75% above WSJ prime. ~ We love to present Offers, You Select the Best One.
No other financing company does it quite like US Credit Source

The Story of Us, Starts with You

US Credit Source was created to address the commonly held problem that small business owners face, a lack of available working capital. We know that when a small business grows, it will need a credit solution. Most businesses don’t have the cash reserves to enact on opportunities, so taking on working capital is necessary for expansion.

Made by Business Owners for Business Owners

US Credit Source was created by Business Owners saw firsthand the importance of a small business credit solution service our core values are that of every American Business owner. We understand the importance of **reliable relationships** for FAST Business Financing which gives us an incredible edge over our competitors. At US Credit Source, we work rapidly for our Small Business Owners.
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What's New for America's Business Owners... Discover Current News

Credit Management
June 10, 2024

US Credit Source Eases Credit Requirements Amid Tightening Lending Landscape

US Credit Source has revealed intentions to relax their credit requirements, for business loan products.
Credit Card Debt
June 10, 2024

American Small Business Owners are Loading up their Personal Credit Card Debt at an Astounding Rate, And this is Very Bad for Business

The inflationary environment that small business owners are encountering right now, means that their businesses are spending more for everything and this has a direct effect on credit approvals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

US Credit Source is dedicated to providing the best and most relevant information to Business Owners across the country. We are continuously updating our information for our readers with the newest Business Financing information. Please see the list of questions we have experienced in our years of financing, below.

What types of financing are available to me?
What documents do I need to apply for financing? 
How long will it take to get approved?
How much money can I borrow?
What are the qualifications to obtain financing?
What is the interest rate and repayment schedule?
Are there any additional costs or fees?
What is the impact of the financing on my personal and business credit score?
Do I need to provide any collateral or personal guarantees?
What is the timeline for approval?
What is the application process? 

One Application, Multiple Offers

US Capital Source makes the application process seamless and available to every Business owner.

Submit all the necessary information to a number of potential lenders in one place! We eliminate the need to fill out multiple applications and allow you to compare loan options from different lenders. Reduce the risk of errors and time to secure a loan, as all the necessary information is collected in one application.

By submitting all the required information in one place, businesses can speed up the loan application process and receive a loan decision much faster so you can start to grow your business, more quickly.

No Credit Check
No Cost
Easy Application