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Can My Small Business Still Get a Bank Loan If We Have an SBA EIDL Loan?

Melanie Laurent

Millions of small businesses took out low-interest Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) from the SBA early in the pandemic. With an average loan amount of $100,000 and a 30-year term at 3.75% interest, these loans provided critical support.

However, over three years later, EIDL loans can present financing challenges for some small businesses seeking additional funding. The good news is that having an EIDL doesn't necessarily prevent approval for other types of business credit.

How EIDL Loans Impact New Financing Applications:

Many bank loan programs analyze a business's cash flow to determine repayment ability. In these cases, the monthly EIDL payment will be factored into underwriting.

However, other financing options like unsecured business lines of credit may rely less on debt servicing capacity. With programs from Line of Credit Depot, we work with banking partners to secure the most favorable revolving credit line despite existing EIDL obligations.

The key is choosing the right lending solution for your business needs and financial situation. While EIDL loans provided vital early pandemic relief, they can constrain additional financing if not properly accounted for.

Work with an experienced funding advisor to evaluate the best available credit products that work with your existing SBA loan. The right business line of credit or loan can provide financing flexibility and support growth, even with ongoing EIDL payments.

Careful planning and preparation can help ensure your small business continues moving forward, without being excessively hampered by pandemic-era relief loans.

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